Wound Care

  • Trained wound care nurses and a team of rehabilitation experts (Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy) to provide patients with optimal independence.
  • The staff visiting patients in the wound program provide clean, safe, low-risk dressing changes to prevent complications. Staff are updated on the plan of care and have specific, ongoing training in:
    • Negative pressure therapy (wound vacs)
    • Colostomy, urostomy and ileostomy care
    • Circulatory wounds
    • Diabetic wounds
    • Surgical wounds
    • Pressure ulcers
  • Our team keeps care providers, patients and family informed on care progress.
  • Scheduled teaching sessions and reinforcement materials (in a variety of formats) for patients and family members on topics:
    • Preventative care for skin integrity (hygiene, safety, risk factors)
    • Individualized wound care instructions (comprehensive care plan, recognizing the importance of follow up with primary care provider, specialist or clinic)
    • Signs and symptoms to monitor and report to the care team
    • Updates on how wound is responding to treatment (regular evaluations to monitor progress and determine next steps for best possible outcomes)
    • Other factors affecting outcomes of healing (diet and adherence to care plan and recommendations)
  • We make the most of a patient’s strengths to keep them at their best level of functioning and optimal level of independence.

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