Skilled Nursing

Our nurses use their qualifications—in combination with their compassion for others—to provide quality medical services to their patients. Their job is to take their patient’s vitals, assess the state of their health and perform routine procedures like providing medication and checking on wounds. After each visit, they write progress reports and relay relevant changes/information to the patient’s doctor. They may also teach caregivers and loved ones how to carry out routine care procedures like administering medications, checking blood sugar levels and changing bandages.

So what can Skilled Nursing Do for Me?

  • Assess and chart observations of the patient’s condition at each visit.
  • Complete evaluation tasks, including reviewing medication and vital signs.
  • Administer physician-prescribed medication.
  • Dress or redress wounds and assess the healing progress.
  • Provide education to patients and families on proper home health care procedures and strategies.
  • Coordinate with Physicians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and other individuals in the patient’s care plan.
  • Keep the patient comfortable through palliative care.
  • Recommend tools or devices that may improve the quality of life for the patient.

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Original Medicare covers 100 percent of the cost of services.

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