How Love My Nurse cares for patients with COPD

  • Medication education – Skilled nursing provides education and medication management relating to COPD such as inhalers, nebulizer treatments, oxygen, and oral medications.
  • Evaluation for other services – Skilled nursing evaluates the need for physical and/or occupational therapy services to increase endurance and maximize independence.
  • Slow disease progression – Skilled nursing manages COPD in the home by identifying when symptoms get worse, and educates as to what preventative steps to take.
  • Care coordination – Skilled nursing works with physicians to coordinate care and keep them up to date on patient progress, as well as communicating with the patient, family members and caregivers to develop a personalized plan of care.
  • Prevent hospitalization – Skilled nursing allows you to safely remain in your home and reduce the risk of hospitalization.
  • Free service – Original Medicare covers 100 percent of the cost.

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