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A little bit more personal

Have you, a loved one, or just someone you know ever been so consumed with your cell phone that you missed something great? Our culture has become so obsessed with social media and other forms of constant communication with others via electronics that we often miss wonderful things right in front of our eyes. This video is a remarkable poem that gives tremendous insight into what we can and actually do miss in our own lives by living through a cell phone. Please watch and learn or feel free to contact Love My Nurse Home Health Care Services with any question regarding homecare agency services provided in the state of Kansas. For more information about Medicare, Home Health Care Benefits, or covered services please contact Love My Nurse Home Health Care Services today and a homecare representative will be glad to provide clarity to any of your questions!

Better Business Bureau: Scam Education Part 1

Scams affect thousands of people’s lives on a daily basis, especially seniors. So how does one stop a scam from happening to them, their family or friends? Education! Knowing what to look out for and what to do if approached by a scammer will increase the chances of a person not becoming a victim of a scam. Better Business Bureau (BBB) and it’s Community Programming Committee is increasing its scam education to the community. This year BBB has started to create a video education library about the most common scams as a resource for consumers and businesses. This education library will consist of reenactments of different scams that affect consumers. Each video will identify what the scam is, the red flags consumers need to watch out for and provide tips to help protect consumers from becoming a victim.

The first video in the series is on foreign lottery/sweepstakes scams. Consumers lose over $100 million a year to this type of scam. BBB will post each video on its Facebook page and YouTube page (see links below). Love My Nurse Home Health Care wants to ensure that ALL seniors are protected by theft of any kind. We provide the highest quality senior care services by educating our selves to the most current tactics that are being used in the market place. For more information on how to keep a senior safe from theft please contact Love My Nurse Home Health Care today and one of our home care representatives will be happy to assist you!



How to give yourself a professional manicure

Everybody gets busy or just simply runs out of time. One of the best ways to pamper yourself or a loved one is to give them a manicure. Follow the very easy video provided in the link below for a free demonstration on giving a professional manicure. For any additional information on how to care for the hands or nails please feel free to contact Love My Nurse Home Health Care Services and a homecare specialist will be happy to provide any additional help you may require. You can also schedule or coordinate a free personal consultation to discuss the possibilities of our beauty homecare team providing the highest possible homecare service available.

Best healthcare commercial ever

This is a link to the best healthcare commercial ever… watch and learn how quality healthcare is interpreted. At Love My Nurse Home Health Care Services we want ALL individuals to be treated like people; not a diagnosis. We provide completely individualized patient plans of care including a comprehensive therapy team and beauty services available. Contact one of our homecare coordinators today and find out how Love My Nurse Home Health Care Services can help you too!

Best healthcare commercial ever… Part 2

This is a commercial produced by the Cleveland Clinic that interviews patients who experienced a life changing experience… it will change the way you look at healthcare services. At Love My Nurse Home Health Care Services we understand the stress that is associated with the care of a loved one. Let the nursing team from our agency provide the same care you expect in the hospital, right in the comfort of your own home. We provide senior homecare services, in-home therapy, and a full service beauty salon to assist you with any need you have. Contact one of our homecare specialist today and find out how we can help you!!