Monthly Archives: June 2016

June is Men’s Health Month

In recognition of Men’s Health Month currently going on Love My Nurse Home Health would like to provide information about a topic very specific to men; the Prostate. You should know what your prostate is and what it does. Over 30 million men suffer from prostate conditions that impact their quality of life. Each year over 230,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 30,000 will die from it. The prostate is a part of your sex organs that produce fluid and contributes to the production of sperm. It’s small, about the size of a walnut, and surrounds the urethra, a tube that takes urine from the bladder to the penis. The urethra also carries semen during ejaculation. The prostate gland grows during puberty and then doesn’t change much until about age 40. Then it begins growing again and may continue to grow with age. Some men aren’t bothered by the growth, but others will develop one of three prostate diseases and sometimes, more than one. For more information please visit or contact Love My Nurse Home Health for additional resources.