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Take Warning From Your Aching Back!

Lower back pain may be a sign your heart is at risk. Experts reviewed research on heart disease and back problems finding links between fatty buildup in the aorta-the main artery that supplies blood to the body-and breakdown of disks in the spine. They also noticed a link between blocked arteries to the lower back and back pain. People with high cholesterol and those who smoke also had more back pain. The problem may be that heart disease cause’s blockage of blood vessels to your lower back and spine. Take your lower back pain seriously and consult with your doctor about it today. For more information visit contact our agency about getting set up with a primary care physician who can help.

How to leave a Google review

Dear valued friends, customers, and clients;

We at Love My Nurse would first like to start by thanking each and every person who made our existence possible. Without the continued support of our friends and family; we would not have the ability to service so many people within our community. To give everyone an update with our agency in March 2015 we became completely CHAP Accredited and fully Medicare Certified. For some of you who have been with us from the start truly understand what an accomplishment this it. I would like thank those who participated in our survey and were so gracious to allow a stranger into their home. As we now become more focused on growth instead of our certification I am asking once again for your help. The internet is an extremely powerful tool for those researching needs as well as home health care. Google is a very popular search engine used by those looking for additional information about specific services including those that our agency offers. What we want to do is spread the good word about us and the service we provide. Google has the ability for individual users to leave reviews about companies, websites, or other businesses you have used. We want our satisfied customers to leave a review on Google for others to see. It is a very simple process that takes around 3 minutes. I have included instructions on how to complete this process but if for some reason you run into difficulties; please contact Love My Nurse Home Health Care Services and we will be more than happy to assist you with this process. Additionally we are looking for volunteers who might even want to be videotaped stating the positive impacts that Love My Nurse has had on their lives or family members. Again if you have an interest in doing something like this please contact the agency. We want to again thank everybody that has been involved with us and we truly appreciate you allowing us into your lives. We hope everybody has a wonderful summer and God bless you all!