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Red Nose Day

May 21st is a very special day this year for children all across the world. For those of you unfamiliar with Red Nose Day it is a day all about having fun, raising money, and changing lives. This is a day specifically dedicated to end child hunger not only in the United States but as a global effort as well. All the money raised will help fund projects  that will help transform the way people and children live. You can give in many different way including your time, donating money, or even giving non-perishable items to local food banks. In addition, local Wal-Greens retailers are selling foam red clown noses to wear on this very special day to help spread the word along with the proceeds being donated directly to The Red Nose Fund. For more information about this tremendous opportunity to help out please visit or contact Love My Nurse Home Health Care and we would be happy to get you in touch with a local Red Nose representative!

Tips for Keeping an Aging Parent Busy

At Love My Nurse Home Health Care Services; we are constantly providing useful and relevant information to our clients along with the general public on ways to better care for Seniors. A topic that always seems to be presented to us from caregivers, children, or even friends is how do we keep our senior busy? We have developed a short but extremely useful list of some very simple things you can do to make a big difference in the daily functionality and self worth  of an adult.

1. Spend time with a Senior- Most often people are just looking for a good conversations or a even a laugh. Communication skills are vital at any age; engaging in active listening and verbal skills will help keep the mind sharp. This is the most important thing you can do for any senior!!

2. Collect information about relevant topics or events that might interest a senior- Everybody enjoys staying current with the news, hot topics, or even movies. Find magazines, newspapers, or even an electronic tablet to share with a senior providing access to this information.

3. Enroll in a Class- Senior Centers, the YMCA, and even local churches host classes specifically designed for seniors. Do a little research and see what is available in your area. This even makes a great time for you to spend time together doing something constructive.

4. Family Dinners- Setting up regularly scheduled dinners can give a senior something not only to look forward to but also prepare for as well. Even letting them do some of the light cooking, making their favorite salad, or even picking the restaurant.

5. Getting Involved with Important Matters- It may not seem like a big deal to you but as seniors age they feel “left out”. Make time to go to important events like doctors appointments, the dentist, or the optometrist. Communicate your concerns and allow the professional to provide feedback. This will also allow you to find out critical healthcare information timely so any issues can be immediately addressed.

6. Talk to their senior friends about spending time together- If you have a senior who is “bored” and looking for things to do, then most likely they have friends sharing very similar feelings. Get on the phone or send an email and organize a get together for them.

7. Don’t Be Pushy- If you have a stubborn senior then do not force anything upon them. Provide options and find the best individualized fit for them. Be patient and never get angry because things are not happening according to your schedule.

We hope this helpful for you or anyone looking for help with an aging senior. For any additional questions please feel free to call Love My Nurse Home Health Care Services or send us an email at; a senior care specialist will be happy to help any way we can!!